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Trayvon Martin Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

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Small Short Epilogue: The Land of Make Believe



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Small Short Story:     ♪....It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood...♪.. a....♫…♪ beautiful day in the neighborhood…♫ ♪won’t you be Oh won’t you be my neighbor?

Hi Neighbor!  Today we go to the land of make believe; where King Monday has appointed a  neighborhood watchman by the name of Jorge Zummerman who goes around and introduces himself to all the new neighbors♫…♪it’s a really beautiful day except it starts to sprinkle a little rain as a new neighbor by the name of TreyVun Murtin is walking and talks on his cell phone to his girl friend on the way home, from the neighborhood store. 

 He then puts his hood on to cover his head from the now drizzling water; and is summoned over by King Monday.

 Hello TreyVun says King Monday…

Wazzzzzuuuup... King Monday..... says TreyVun

….hello says Jorge accompanying King Monday,

I’m the  neighborhood watchman, my name is Jorge;

 I see you’re a little new to the area…do you have a large family here too?
...well says TreyVun  I am just coming from the neighborhood store with some skittles for my little sister…she loves skittles…I just live about 70 feet from here, just right there….My dad wanted me to come right back from the store…say can you hold on a second? girlfriend’s on the phone with me right now…and I could have her call me back in a moment….


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The TrayVon Martin Case:

A young man-athlete was sentenced to death in cold blood without the benefit-of the-doubt; the benefit-of a Judge, a Jury or even so much as a Judicial hearing of any kind, before his Death Sentence; which was instead carried out by a Mr. George Zimmerman in the State of Florida.

The young man-athlete, wearing a hood and carrying a bag of skittles and a can of Ice tea was unarmed, not a member of any gang, or a felon with a criminal history of any kind.

The purpose of this article is to at least render Trayvon Martin a positive description and benefit-of-the doubt and even some human dignity with the sanctity of being a moral person.

The State of Florida seems to authorize such executions with a law it calls “Stand-Down”. Where Mr. Zimmerman without a badge or presenting any form of identification, is authorized to pursue, attack; forcefully subordinate and then execute any and all young African American males he deems fit for an immediate death sentence.

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Mr. Zimmerman and other men like him are “free at will” to retain; Judgment, Jury Decision, Gavel, and permanent execution of Sentencing in the State of Florida, when it comes to young African American males.

Description: TRAYVON MARTIN:

An up and coming  young African American male athlete analogous to Cam Newton; Dwayne Wade; Lebron James, Charles Barkely or a Walter Payton, and many other prominent African American male athletes.

Was scheduled in his life time to be a first round pick in the NFL, after winning a Heisman Trophy from a prominent American University; which would have won it's NCAA championship due to his athleticism, on-field skills and ubiquitous performances on and off the field.

He would have, like Tim Tebow, been a man that pursues happiness while giving thanks to Almighty GOD for getting him the opportunity of being into that position in life in the first place.

He would have been able to donate time and monies to needy children's organizations with his newly established celebrity status offering his personal time as a help to them personally and later possibly considered running for the office of President of the United States of America.

Being an overall positive figure in the world for human kind;

 Trayvon Martin would have been, or should have been, allowed to attain and sustain his pursuit of happiness for his family his country and continue on to become a huge benefit to this nation and to mankind.

{[Mr. Zimmerman and other men like him wield the power of Judge, Jury, Gavel and Legal Authority for rendering the death penalty by default via a law in the State of Florida called “Stand Down”. Thus bringing the likes of Trayvon Martin's future to a permanent halt.]}

Perhaps Mr. George Zimmerman will argue that young Trayvon Martin “went for the gun”;

 The gun doesn't seem to warrant a {purpose- of- being} in this scenario in the first place. Seeing a definite crime being committed aforetime is not identified during  a 911 call, made by assailant.

Why was the gun there to begin with? Answer: Because-->;

Young African American males who manage to reach the adolescent -after- puberty stage of their lives tend to get an immediate toss ;into the category of {dangerous}; and ready-for-assault by white men.

Mr. Zimmerman's verdict of guilty as deemed dangerous-by-default, was the rendered DECISION against Trayvon Martin.

That young bright kid of yesteryear isn't allowed the status of being a kid anymore or “some-woman's child” or even a young athlete in the making after reaching puberty.

But instead no benefit-of the-doubt for just walking in the rain and seeking shelter from the elements, with a hoody pulled over his head.

Zimmerman comes across as nothing more than a bully of sorts. Most likely bored with nothing else to do on his security watch. Who then found someone to pick on, in the form of a young African American like Trayvon Martin. A young African American male-athlete, who was probably simply pacing back and forth while on a cell phone while talking with his girlfriend.

Who then put on his hoody when it began to rain and simply sought shelter, without knowing he was being watched, until he noticed Zimmerman from a glimpse; and  afterwards noticing him on more than one occasion, probably became suspect especially at his approach.

This is a classic case of why young African American men do not see Police officers with the same trust, admiration, and respect that most U.S. White citizens see them with. The “Black Experience” is never the same as the “White Experience”.


In the City of Austin Texas; a legitimate officer by the name of Jaime Padron is the cause for a story that is authentic in nature by comparison to the one of Mr. Zimmerman's.

The story of officer Padron's, just so happened to have actually occurred only weeks after that of George Zimmerman’s.

Where the officer, a war hero, and longtime veteran of the force,  really did face opposition from someone who was in the very act of committing a definite crime.

 Officer Padron was called, while on duty by responsible citizens to respond to a formal complaint of an actual crime being committed.

If you could only see the difference and contrast between these two cases with wisdom and understanding, and maybe perhaps with a little common sense, you will notice immediately the stark contrasts between the two.

The case of Officer Padron fits the criteria of just and true.

 While also standing in stark contrast to that of Mr. Zimmerman's.

Zimmerman's case can only aspire to be like unto the case of a true officer who lost his life in the line of duty to an actual resistance of a forthright arrest.

Furthermore the confrontation in Officer Padron's case, involved a weapon from the suspect, who did fire upon and murder the officer.

Who then further made an attempt to shoot and kill other persons who were in the act of subduing him.

The Stand-down law does not come into play in this case; because the officer was called by citizen's making a formal complaint, he {the officer} was uniformed and easily identifiable; and not some rookie cop either.  The citizens had every just cause to intervene.

This officer had years and years of experience before he came to the Austin Police Department, amounting to more than ten.

 He was a veteran of the U.S. armed forces and an experienced Police officer from another State.

He was worthy of all exemplary Merits of an officer performing his rightful duties.


And could easily be categorized as one who –->KNEW<--- nbsp="nbsp"> what he was doing.  Someone with more the 10 years of Officer experience and traning. He was probably abruptly surprised at the criminals' response with a weapon under such clearly defined circumstances.</--->

[The suspect by the way was not an adolescent African American male, wearing a hoody, but is identified as Caucasian.]

You can look at the so-called {“Stand-Down”} law from the perspective of the citizens who, after the officer was shot to death; confronted the suspect and subdued him while a definite crime was being committed.


This case is clearly not some hypothetical alleged crime of a hooded teenager carrying skittles and ice tea; instead by contrast, they see a grown adult who just committed murder of a Police officer on duty in their presence.

The civilians subdued the suspect, who resisted them, even making an attempt to shoot the gun at them; they then proceeded to take the radio from the officers laying body, in order to contact authorities as to what had just occurred.

This again is a stark contrast from George Zimmerman's {so-called Stand-down case against Trayvon Martin}.

 The suspect is still alive today to face the Authority of Jurors, a Judge, a Sentencing and possibly the Death penalty from a just Legal entity and just Legal process, not by one individual only.

**The Officer was called to the scene by citizens observing a definite crime being committed.

**The Officer was clearly visually identifiable as an Authority with a badge representing the LAW of the land, being in uniform at his arrival on the scene.

**The civilians were responding to a definite crime being committed; number one in that the suspect was caught shoplifting in a Wal-Mart; number two in that the suspect proceeded to murder a police officer in their presence; and was clearly armed.

After all this, Mr. George Zimmerman is given the full right to a just Legal Counsel, a just  Judge, a just Jury,  hopefully a just formal Sentence, and even a possible Acquittal.

 He has had the benefit of walking free from the Police Department with no charges whatsoever!

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****Humanist marriages are defined as marriages that are against the (Judeo-Christian) definition of marriage as that which is between one man and one woman as defined in the King James Version of the Holy Bible Leviticus the 18th Chapter and Mark the 10th chapter.

 These types of marriages may include **s.a.m.e.**s.e.x. marriages, polygamy  marriages, incest marriages and any others that are defined outside of that which was prescribed as lawful between one man and one woman by the Messiah of the Holy Bible authorized (1611) KJV only. These marriages are primarily conducted by peoples who are deliberately anti-GOD, anti-Christ and anti-religion.

The Trayvon Martin Case is endemic of several long-term unresolved U.S. Civil Rights legal issues in America.
An Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America; bearing this young man’s name must be Adopted and Ratified with the President’s signature.

So named the Trayvon Martin Amendment.
This Amendment should Levy the Taxes against all the Southern States who participated in the Confederate Army of the American Civil War of 1863.

First of All, the Amendment must make it a crime to deny the true attributes, cause and purpose of the American Civil War and the Civil Rights War that came exactly One Hundred years after its enactment.

Secondly a Tax Levy against each and every-one of these States must be made , Due and payable to the United States Government on behalf of African Americans, forthwith immediately with no reprieves, no forgiveness of due sums or amounts, no waivers and no, filibusters to bring about procrastination of Ratification.
Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Tax; must be backdated by proration to the date of the Ratification of the Emancipation Proclamation with a Due as of Clause, whose  specific intent brings about immediate enactment.


 With those proceeds of its Revenue arriving in the form of free Education to Colleges, Universities,  and Private  Trade  and High Schools in those States, including the monies per diem, based on costs of living; distributed to African American family Residents of those states.


 This is not intended to be another form of Food stamps, from the U.S. government, but brings each and every one of these Southern States into full Legal accountability for their past and present Civil Rights violations against the United States of America. 


The purpose of this Law is not to bring about proof that these States have wronged African Americans in the past, but leaps forward beyond just plain Judicial Review to literal Enactment that has Impeached those States and whose successful litigation has brought this Tax Legislation to its fulfilled and Just conclusion.

  The Levy will take place against every parcel of those States; and can be summoned by Demography of those States during official Census counts, Voters Registrations and Motor Vehicles Registrations.


These States also, all continue to show present day blatant contempt, for legislated Civil Rights Laws, and continue with deliberate belligerent malice towards African Americans with absolutely no remorse.

The Trayvon Martin case is only one case that has reiterated this truth in a public fashion such that it cannot be ignored; any other cases swept under the carpet or hidden from the public may never come to the forefront ever, and no further delay of true Justice should be permitted.


The President of the United States of America; Barrack Obama has proven himself; useless and even feckless, when it comes to America’s true Civil Rights agenda’s.


  An example would be this case in particular and others; including examples like  the arrival of former Secretary of State, Ms. Condoleezza Rice’s formal application to join an American Golf club who’s prior membership was not only restricted to men, but  Caucasians only.


 She boldly went where no African American women would dare to go without the need or even the interest of an African American President, in this late day and age of the true Civil Rights agendas in this nation.

The President’s legacy on True Civil Rights issues, doesn’t even compare to that of President Lyndon B. Johnsons’ which dates back to 1968. 


No  true-Civil Rights Legislation from this administration, can barely even be mentioned  to resemble that of Ronald Regan’s signing of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s’ birthday into a national Holiday.


The true-Civil Rights movement of African Americans should never, ever be mentioned as that which pertains to Abortion and ** Humanist marriages.


Because both of these social identities are critical deterrents to the social expansion; the increased purposeful Demography and especially the, all important  (Judeo-Christian) social habitation of any minority race.

 These agendas can therefore be permanently excluded from being identified as true-Civil Rights Agendas.